Primary care medicine is the foundation of good health, wellness, and a close partnership with those who improve your chances at wellness.

Why Choose Valdosta Healthcare Club?

Our goal is to keep you healthy by restoring the sanctity of the provider-patient relationship. We provide medical care to the community who does not have insurance, or desires supplemental care. We have the time necessary to get to know you, identify your health needs, develop individualized wellness plans, and review appropriate treatment options that are mutually agreeable. We look forward to getting to know you, and are grateful that you are placing your trust in us to care for you and your family.


No Hassles

Our goal is to expand quality healthcare services by eliminating some of the hassles that go along with health care, like insurance, deductibles, and co-pays.

We Work Around Your Schedule

As a member-centered service, we give you greater access to your healthcare providers so you can contact them anytime you have a medical concern.

Everyone Deserves Exceptional Healthcare

No insurance? Doesn't matter.

You will always receive quality health care, designed just for you. Our office is structured to avoid extra charges for your care.

Valdosta Healthcare Club

4370 Kings Way, Suite B | Valdosta, GA 31602 | 229.506.5559